Lilliput Lane Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Magpie Cafe20092011Limited Editions00
Magpie Cottage19871990England183
Maharajah's Well20112014The British Collection, England42
Maidenhead Pavilion20062006Special Editions20
Mail Pouch Barn19891993American Landmarks80
Mainstreet Cinema19991999Special Editions20
Mair Haven19921999The British Collection, Scotland135
Make A Wish20002000Special Editions285
Make Light of the Snow20082008Retailer Specials10
Make Mother's Day20042006England20
Mallard20042006Age Of Steam01
Mangerton Mill19971999England31
Manor View20122013England10
Manx Dovecote20082009England30
Manx Dovecote at Christmas20092010Disneyana Special Edition00
Many Happy Returns20082010England60
Marble Arch19992002Britain's Heritage11
Marche HousePaint Your Own00
Marigold Meadow19931998England143
Marsworth Cattle Shelter, Stable & Cart Shed20062006Special Editions20
Masterbuilders at Buckler's Hard20082009England01
Maxine's Bench20132014Coronation St.00
Mayflower House19891990Special Editions20
Meadowsweet Cottage19961997Collectors' Club81
Medway Manor19981999England60
Meersburger Weinstube19871998German10
Melt in the Mouth20122016The British Collection, England00
Memories of the Magic Kingdom19981998Disneyana Special Edition10
Merchant's House20042006The British Collection, Scotland32
Merry Christmas20052006Christmas73
Messages for Christmas20122012Disneyana Special Edition00
Micklegate Antiques19911997England311
Micklegate Bar - York19982000Britain's Heritage21
Midhurst19991999Helen Allingham53
Midnight Carols20042005Limited Editions10
Midnight Gold Phone Box20132013Mono00
Midnight Gold Post Box20132013Mono00
Midnight Red Phone Box20132015Mono Splash00
Midnight Red Post Box20132015Mono Splash00
Midnight Silver Phone Box20132013Mono00
Midnight Silver Post Box20132013Mono00
Midwest Barn19841985American (1st)00
Milestone Cottage19951999England173
Milk For Mom And A Coke For Me19982000Coca-Cola00
MilkwoodPaint Your Own00
Millbeck19961999Lakeland Christmas60
Millbeck Smithy20092011England10
Mince Pie20072007Christmas Ornament91
Mini Blue Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Mini Buckingham Palace (Snowed Bronze)20122016Britain in Miniature01
Mini Green Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Mini Lilac Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Mini Orange Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Mini Pink Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Mini Red Splash Phone Box20132015Mono Splash00
Mini Tower of London (Snowed Bronze)20122016Britain in Miniature00
Mini Windsor Round Tower (Snowed Bronze)20122016Britain in Miniature01
Mini Yellow Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Mistletoe Cottage19921992Christmas Ornament222
Mmm...Just Like Home19971999Coca-Cola00
Montacute Crown20002002England00
Moonlight Cottage20132016The British Collection, England10
Moonlight Cove19911996England236
Moored The Merrier20112012Christmas10
Moot Hall, Keswick20022003Visitor Centre20
Moreton Manor19851989England386
Moreton Stores20082009England20
Morning Has Broken19972000American Journey30
Morning Post20002002Irish00
Mother & Daughter20032006England90
Mother Nature20132014The British Collection, England21
Mother Of Pearl20012003England13
Mother's Cottage20062009England60
Mother's Garden20002003England132
Mother's Garden in Bloom20142016The British Collection, England10
Mother's Joy20082009England00
Mother's Pride20032004England51
Mother's World20092011England23
Mousehold Harbour Office20142016Mono Splash10
Mousehole Harbour Office20132014The British Collection, England10
Mow Cop Castle20092009Anniversary01
Mr. BonzerLand of Legend40
Mrs Pinkerton's Post Office19891997England498
Mud & Stud20162016England10
Mum's Retreat20162016England00
Mum's Tickled Pink20112012England02
Mums Make Memories20122015The British Collection, England00
Mushroom Cottage20152016The British Collection, Scotland01
Mustard Pot20052006England32
Mystery Manor20002001England00

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